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Here is a short summary of what I do & did:

  • 2001 - 2004: I worked at Yildiz Technical University Computer Lab. as Student Assistant. I was giving assistance to lecturer profs. in their classes. The main duty is to set up the environment, help other students with exercises. 

    • Good old days to learn about MATLAB, Linux, and Networking.

    • My Prof suggested me to the MATLAB Turkey Representative company for the MATLAB Engineer job position.

  • 2002 - 2004: I was working as a MATLAB programmer for Figes Ltd / Bursa - Turkey. I worked at Family Finans (aka Turkiye Finans) in the Risk Management team. I coded Risk Management Tool GUI application via MATLAB at that duty. 

    • Based on my interest, with my classmates, colleagues, and my Prof., we have written 3 books on MATLAB and Simulink. 

    • During my MSc. in Sabanci University, I noticed that MATLAB has a compiler but does not have any feature to run as a server app. I coded "MATLAB Server Pages" project ( MSP was based on Java and JBeans, which had its own HTML syntax called <msp> and lets you run any MATLAB command on a remote server and return the result in execution time without any compile. This project is used in many fields including electricity, health, simulations etc. There are plenty of white papers having citations to MSP.

    • I got an invitation to work from Mathworks in CA, USA. I refused the offer. When I remember my refusal email to this kind of invitation, I start to hear "Love and Marriage" from Frank Sinatra.

    • God's Faith, after this invite I got an email from Mathworks to hand over domain to them. That day, I learned about Intellectual Property.

  • 2004 - 2006: I was managing partner in Armador Bilisim company. We were building Linux infrastructure for insurance companies mostly. Infra. including DB, Mail Server, Web Server, Active Directory.

    • Those are the days, I met with my current partner, Mr. Ali VARDAR. There was a lack of information on Linux (dialup days) and he had his book on the topic. He kindly accepted our request to visit our office to fix a problem that's we couldn't. Mr. VARDAR is a hardworking person to reach his goal. He is a guru on Linux, PHP, SNMP, LDAP, Networking, and programming. 

    • Apart from providing Linux infra to companies, we were also developing tailor-made solutions based on Linux. On a day, we got a project from Botech company to develop some parts of Linux-based HD STB project. So, the customer was going to join the necessary parts to bring out the final product.

      • Based on the list provided by Botech, it was impossible to develop Linux-based HD STB. However, the customer's adviser insisted on the development, and the customer's decision is the final word.

      • (Linux DVB API, those days, does not support DVB-S2, there were no open-source codecs to decode H.264 and Bluray decoding. I had experience on Linux DVB API previously, thx to Cine5. Hard days to descramble via softcam.)

      • I coded the requested project items in C at that time, but the result was not enough for the customer. The customer and their adviser split and I offered Botech to do the same project on Windows (unfortunately).

    • Apart from these works, I also wrote Chip magazine's open-source column during this time and coded some applications to distribute on Chip magazine's CDs.

  • 2006 - 2008: I participated as R&D Manager in Botech company, which manufacturer consumer-level STBs. I was responsible for designing products for the Turkish local market and I was co-working with supplier companies engineers for bug fixes and customizations.

    • At first stage, me and my teammate Mr. Orhan, coded a TV Media Suite based on MediaPortal in C# to fulfill the HD STB dreams. On the day when the product, Wizbox, was on the market there was only Euro 1080 HD on-air and it was difficult to find Bluray movies. Company sold a few highly expensive units. The 7 rights are, to deliver the right product, in the right quantity and the right condition, to the right place at the right time for the right customer at the right price. But for marketing-wise, It was good to show the strength of the company. 

    • I was in charge of Chinese and Korean manufacturers to do localization customization and bug fixes. 

    • I met Mr. Sayit BELET on those days. We were having a problem with Softcam descrambling afaik. He was a genius at reverse engineering. Today, we work together with Sayit. I design the product, I plan how to integrate the new features and he makes them come real. Expert on C/C++ programming. During our work at PikoTV, together, we widen our knowledge of DVB and OTT broadcasting. Some of the projects we did together: 

      • DRM integration to DASH on FFmpeg

      • Image-based DVB Subtitle to Text-based Subtitle conversion (SRT, TTML etc.): OCR Functionality in FFmpeg.

      • Static Availability Start Time Method in DASH to Keep DASH transcode pipeline uninterrupted (Patent Pending.)

      • CUDA optimizations for Nvidia Video Codec Full Pipeline Transcoding

      • Blackmagic Design Decklink SDI cards capture and playout implementations under Linux.

  • 2008 - 2015: I founded my own company at Fikirtepe Istanbul, "Kizil Electronics", in 2008 with the support of Haivion Korean STB manufacturer. I worked as a freelancer DVB SW engineer for their STB and managed their Turkey office in parallel till 2009.  Mr. Şükür MUHACİR worked together with me, when we built up the company. He is an amazing person in character. He was so hard working that I can clearly say he was the first and most strongest brick of the company. He helped on building up IT infrastrcutre, install dishes and maintain the systems.

    • Based on the experiences I had, I did global exhibition visits and met my ex-partner Mr. Jeff Yin (Sen5) from Shenzhen. Together, we manufactured consumer-level STBs and made sales of these OEM units in LATAM, MENA, and Spain. Together we sold over 2M STBs.: Azbox, AzAmerica, Engel, Freebox, Istar ...

    • I also made partnerships with the Korean Bomlink company and Algerian for joint R&D Power.

    • My role is to visit customers, collect their demands, shape the products accordingly with my partners, give R&D support and provide aftersales services. Lots of travels were done to Dubai, Iraq, Syria, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Seoul, Shenzen, and many other locations with many stories. During this period, I keep working with Mr. VARDAR and Mr. Sayit. I also want to mention my ex-sales manager Ms. Duygu DUNDAR here. She was so brilliant to keep up with customers for their demands, orders, shipments.

    • In 2014, I decided to quit from consumer-level STB business due to changes in the market. OTT started to rise up, consumers started to wish for watching content anywhere, anytime. I concluded my partnerships and closed "Kizil Electronics" to form the PikoTV company.

    • We are still good friends with Mr. Jeff Yin, Mr. Keen Nam, and other partners. Best Regards to them always. Mr. Jeff Yine continues his business life with a highly successful SEI Robotics company.

    • As a side note during, 2008 - 2015, I have founded PatentCare Intellectual Property Firm, SuperUydu, and Kizil Yelken (a Yacht company.)

      • PatentCare ( is still a running company and giving IP consultancy in Turkey, the EU, and the US. The company is managed by Mrs. Tugce KIZIL now. I do not keep shares to focus on my own work.

      • SuperUydu company was doing sales of Eutelsat Tooway Ka-Band terminal and services. We sold over 3500 Terminals in the region. I quit the company after 2 years as an exit strategy. Now the company is still alive and managed by other sources.

      • Kizil Yelken ( is still a running company and doing sales or motor yachts. I handover this company to my partner Mr. Murat Goren. At first, I was financing the company and he was doing the hard work. After the company started to cover its own financials, I stepped down. Now, I go to company enjoy my free time.

  • 2014 - Today: Mr. VARDAR and I founded PikoTV company. Mr. Sayit BELET lately joined us.

    • PikoTV ( is a high-end broadcasting solutions provider company for traditional broadcasting and OTT.

    • Solutions are Ubuntu Linux-based. HW is COTS-based: Dell servers, NVIDIA GPUs, Blackmagic Design Decklink SDI Cards, Dekteck Modulators, and RF cards, TBS RF Cards, DVEO ASI Cards.

    • All the SW solutions are developed in-house.

    • Some notes:

      • Turkcell TV+: All IPTV, OTT, and VOD transcoding infrastructure is based on PikoTV. High Dense transcoders are developed. Single 2U Chassis IPTV transcoder with 80 HD channels capacity. Single 2U Chassis OTT transcoder (HLS / DASH with DRM support) 35 OTT HD profiles with 8 video profiles including 50 fps 50i to 50p transcoding.)

      • Saran S Sports: All OTT encoders are based on PikoTV. PikoTV encoders are also used to distribute Saran Holding Live Stream contents to OTT / IPTV / Satellite platforms.

      • Power Telecom: Single 2U Chassis OTT encoder to feed all channels. Single unit 2U chassis for 16 HD SDI Decoding.

      • Anadolu Agency uses our products to ingest IP and SDI sources. Each ingest solution has 16 SDI and 16 IP encoding/transcoding capacities.

      • We have worldwide customers from USA, Brasil, Bosnia. We are getting high customer satisfaction returns.

      • Turksat, TRT, and beIN Media do 4K broadcasting since 2015 via our products.

      • With Turksat, we placed the world's 1st 8K live streaming on satellite in 2018. 

      • We have global partnerships with Dell, NVIDIA, Blackmagic Design, RIST Forum, SRT Alliance, Newtek's NDI.

      • We also have our solution on cloud.

    • In the company, I design the products based on customer demands and market changes. I also assist in development as Video Engineer. I train the R&D team for Video Coding, OTT & IPTV stream analysis, and bug fixing.

    • I do code some of the product microservices based on Bash SL, C, and C#.

  • Since the 2019 Covid period, I am actively interested in Cryptocurrency. Currently, I run an ETH2.0 Node. I previously run Mina and Avalance Nodes as well. 

    • I wish to carry our PikoTV solutions on the blockchain to bring a new approach to decentralized Live and VOD transcoding.

  • As final words; I have 3 published books on MATLAB, ​one widely used open source project called MSP, a few scientific indexed journals.

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"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

Alan Kay


ADDRESS: Baris Sokak, Gani KIZIL Blok, No: 12, Atakent Mahallesi, Umraniye, Istanbul, Turkiye

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